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The Saskatchewan Party Youth is ready for another year of growth and continued expansion. Our AGM was held in April, with over 50 youth members from across the province electing a new executive. I am humbled and honored to join the youth executive this year as the association’s President. Our new executive brings representation from the faculty of arts, nursing, business, social services, urban planning and development and law. Our diversity is our strength and will allow for a broad spectrum of ideas and perspective as we launch a new campaign to enhance our organization.

This year’s agenda will feature involvement in the traditional events the youth has established over recent years, but will also expand into new areas. Building a community presence through the volunteerism of youth members will be a noticeable addition to the association’s responsibilities and activities.

Our campus clubs will continue growing at both the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan. Hosting interesting, engaging events with MLAs and business leaders from across the province will also be a priority. The youth executive will also work to establish a mentorship program between Party officials, staff members and MLAs with interested youth members. The development and involvement of youth membership within the party will help facilitate the next generation of Saskatchewan Party leaders.

Saskatchewan’s economy and population is growing, and the opportunities for young people have never been better. Our executive is looking forward to meeting with youth members from across the province, and we look forward to growing our association. We hope you’ll join us.

- Mitch Cooper, President, Saskatchewan Party Youth

Above: Several members of the Sask Party Youth Executive with Regina Northeast MLA Kevin Doherty at the 2013 Saskatchewan Party Annual Convention..

Saskatchewan Party Youth Executive

President: Mitch Cooper
Secretary: Afroditi Papageorgiu
Treasurer: Michelle Lang
Communications: Sean Wilson

Regional Representatives
Saskatoon: Dustin Bisson
Regina: Meagan Lane
North East: Kristy Black
North West: Ben Copeland
South East: Jean Luc Desjardins
South West: Kaitlyn Blackmer

Saskatchewan Party Campus Clubs

University of Regina

University of Saskatchewan
President: Kaitlyn Blackmer

"I didn't become interested in politics until first year of University. My parents were not directly involved when I was younger, so I began to discover who I was politically on my own. It was not until the beginning my third year of University that I realized that the Saskatchewan Party best matched my personal aspirations for the larger community politically. After working for the Entrepreneurial Foundation of Saskatchewan as a summer, I soon became more involved and contacted the President of the Saskatchewan Party Youth. I started going to events and helping with door knocking. I have learned more about the provincial government and politics than I ever did in a University class through hands on experience."

- Nicole Kozar

"I got involved in politics because I feel that can actually make a difference in how government works. And in this province, with all the resources we have at our disposal, we could potentially rival Alberta as the richest province in Canada. And as the youth, we are the future of this province and it is up to us to invest in this future."

- Bryan-Edward Taylor

"I first became interested in politics in the late 1990's when it was becoming increasingly clear that the government of the day in this province, more specifically the NDP, was turning a blind eye to the many problems that people in rural Saskatchewan faced. Hospitals were being neglected, roads were falling apart, property taxes were sky-high and there was zero support for agriculture producers in times of greatest need. As I finished high school and entered university I decided to become actively involved in politics as a means of getting things done for not only rural Saskatchewan but for everyone living in this great province."

- Kris Cherewyk

"After moving to Regina to go to business school, I started to get involved with the Saskatchewan Party campus club. At this time, the provincial election was right around the corner. By volunteering for the Regina constituencies, we developed a great community among all the supporters. The Saskatchewan Party has brought positive change to this province that betters life for everyone living in here and that makes me proud that I am involved with the Saskatchewan Party."

- Theo Bryson

"'Smaller, less intrusive, and more efficient government' is one of the Saskatchewan Party's eight guiding principles and one I believe our government has embraced.  Since 2007, our government has reduced debt, slashed taxes across the board, balanced labour legislation, addressed the size of the civil service, and backed innovation and change in health care.  Actions speak louder than words; that's why I'm a member of the Saskatchewan Party and a strong supporter of our Premier and government."

- Christopher C. Thresher

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