Premier Brad Wall Promises New Global Institute For Food Security

November 1, 2011

In a speech today to the Saskatoon Nutana Rotary Club, Premier Brad Wall announced that if re-elected, a Saskatchewan Party government would begin work immediately on the establishment of a Global Institute for Food Security at the University of Saskatchewan.

"Just yesterday, the United Nations announced that the world's population hit seven billion people," Wall said. "That means an ever-growing demand for food.

"Saskatchewan has the answers to the world's questions on food security. Saskatchewan accounts for 67 per cent of the world's lentils, 56 per cent of the world's pea exports, 40 per cent of the world's flax seed and 38 per cent of the world's durum wheat.

"And of the prized fertilizers on the planet, potash is at the top of the list. Our province has over half of the world's supply. So in a world that craves food security, what better place on the planet could there be for an Institute for Food Security that will be a magnet for the best minds and the best research?"

Wall said the Saskatchewan Party has committed $1 million in next year's budget to establish the new Global Institute for Food Security.

"This new Institute would also build on the existing bonds between our post-secondary institutions and developing nations," Wall said. "The U of S alone has over 25 bi-lateral agreements with these two nations and SIAST has extensive international experience with more than 30 countries."

The mandate of the Global Institute for Food Security would be to focus on two main questions:

· How can we sustainably expand the supply and quality of food now and for the next century?
· How can we ensure that food gets to those who need it most?

"The goal of the Institute will be to create unparalleled innovations in food-related scientific discovery, technology and policy," Wall said. "These could include brand new food production techniques, more effective and efficient food processes and management systems that speed delivery and avoid spoilage."

"These are bold goals. Yet this pioneering spirit of innovation and discovery has been the backbone of agriculture in our province for over one hundred years.

"It's time to bring that Saskatchewan spirit to people all over the world."


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